Eric Sorensen

Eric Sorensen

Name: Eric Sorensen

Home: Lacey, WA

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Hello, my trail name it “Tank” was given this on the Pacific Crest Trail last year. I hiked with Warrior Hike and drew pictures of tanks in the trail registers. This year I’m starting the year with a 800 mile hike on the Arizona Trail with a good friend of mine from the PCT (wildman) follow our journey along the Arizona Trail.


  • 2015 hiked 900 plus miles on the PCT
  • 2013 Rebuild a 1926 sailboat and sailed
  • 1993~2012 hiked over 300 hikes in the Olympic Mountain
  • 1976~1992 Worked the East German boarder doing the Cold War did boarder ops, instructor at the Armor school, deployed to the first gulf war as a platoon Sgt /tank commander.  Received the Bronx star for valor.  Worked 10 years with WA state prison system on their SWAT team.  Then 3.5 years with the Veterans Affairs processing claims for the veterans.


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    Long Distance Hiking
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    April 8, 2016
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    Canoeing, long distance hiking, Sailing, sking